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FAMA Technologies is a leading provider of digital solutions, catering to various industries including Quick Service Restaurants and Shopping Malls etc. Our digital solutions include products such as Digital Menu Boards, Indoor Digital Signage, Video Walls, and Transparent OLED digital signage.

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We provide comprehensive End-to-End Digital Menu Board solutions. Our solution is specifically designed to showcase menus digitally using CMS software.

Key Features:

    • Creative content placement
    • Real-time data integration
    • Data-driven content management software
    • Personalized merchandising content
    • Scheduling media promotions and offers

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Indoor & Outdoor digital Signage

Indoor Preseller

We provide comprehensive end-to-end indoor and outdoor solutions. Our solution is designed to display eye-catching visuals that attract customers.

Key Features:

    • High-Definition Display
    • Temperature Resistance
    • Reflection Minimization
    • Sales Enhancement
    • Increased Purchases and Upsells
    • Data-driven content management software

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Video Wall Solution

We provide end-to-end video wall solutions designed to stream stunning visuals on a larger screen.

Key Features:

    • Exceptional Display Quality
    • Seamless Panel Integration
    • Cumulative Resolution
    • Panoramic Clarity and Detail
    • Real-Time Data Integration
    • Data-Driven Content Management Software

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Transparent OLED Signage


Transparent OLED Signage is thinner and more transparent than traditional LCD displays, with up to 38% transparency compared to 10% in LCDs. It can simultaneously showcase content and the background, making it perfect for showroom presentations.
OLED Signage offers new ways to communicate visually and opens up a whole new level of creativity that even conventional digital signage cannot offer.

Key Features:

    • High Transparency
    • Slim Design
    • Dual-Display Capability
    • Showroom-Ready
    • Vivid and Dynamic

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Content management system

CMS is content management software for digital signage. It works with many screens, links to external databases, and is accessible from mobile devices and laptops.

Its menus and layout are user-friendly, making content creation, scheduling, and distribution efficient. You can even set brightness and volume schedules. The multi-channel scheduling feature allows easy plan switching and stores content ahead of time.


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Digital Signage forms a crucial aspect of Hospitality and Retail Industries’ advertising strategy. FAMA Technologies being a “One Stop Shop” fully comprehends that and hence offers cutting edge Digital Signage Solutions catering specially to these industries. The solution comprises Digital Menu Board, Customer Order Display, iThqan Indoor Digital Signage and Video Wall.

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We offer End to End Digital Menu Board (DMB) solutions.

This includes hardware, software, installation, maintenance and content management services. The technology incorporated is specifically designed to deliver relevant, personalized merchandising content for any restaurant or retail outlet. Our data driven content management software is used by leading brands across 50 plus markets. The solution allows optimal engagement by means of creative content placement based on a predefined logic. The CMS uses real time data from multiple sources like Point of Sale and Social Media to deliver optimal experience and right product mix to customers

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Indoor Outdoor Digital Signage| Indoor Outdoor Digital Signage in Saudi | Indoor Outdoor Digital Signage in KSA | Indoor Outdoor Digital Signage in UAE | Indoor Outdoor Digital Signage in Riyadh|

The word “iThqan” means excellence in Arabic and iThqan Indoor Digital Signage is an apt analogy. iThqan Indoor Digital Signage is a perfect tool to promote your products. It has a HD screen cased in a robust body and when placed correctly within an outlet can significantly encourage more purchases or upsells. Here are its Key Features:


  • Comprehensive features rich Android Software with User-Friendly UI.
  • Wireless Data Incorporation.
  • Split Screen Functionality.
  • Image Filling & Scheduling.
  • Run Data on Multiple Screens.
  • Remote Functioning Such as Rebooting and Shutting down.


  • Sleek & Smart Design
  • Strong Metallic Frame.
  • Metal Silver or Black Painting.
  • Worldwide certificate approval, such as RoHS, CE, and FCC.
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